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It’s Payback Time… Give modelling scammers the one finger salute. We’ll give you all the ammo you need to shoot the modelling scammers the finger.

Some model companies would rather con you out of your money. We’d rather do things the proper way by asking you nicely and by earning it!

Alright guys. Any of this sound familiar to you? (We bet it does!):
It’s payback time
…but what’s in it for you, you may ask?
Why sign up and subscribe to our Make Model Scams History campaign?
Our Give ‘Em The Finger’ movement, becoming an official supporter and playing your part!

Alright guys. Any of this sound familiar to you? (We bet it does!):

You saw an ad somewhere with a model company promising it can make you into a model. Having quickly filled out the form, you received a call/text/email [al or 3 not soon after] saying that from your pictures and/or measurements, they like what they see so far. Next step is to invite you in for an interview or some type of test shoot. Sound familiar? Having forked out a lot of money on travel, you arrive at a studio [yes, it’s always going to be a studio regardless if the company or agency that you applied to is not based at the studio address], they set about snapping away and afterwards, proceed to inform you that you have passed. Then the bombshell is dropped. You need to fork out hundreds if not thousands of Pounds for pictures in order to have a portfolio to become a model – whether on their books [if they claim to be a model agency] OR in the case of model platforms, use to apply to agencies. In the case of the latter, do not expect them to apply to these agencies for you. No, that is something you will have to do yourself.

Here are a few daunting facts for you….

  • We estimate that 2/3 people that set out to be models by replying to ads end up either getting scammed or financially exploited;
  • 90% of wannabe models do not know the difference between a model agency and model platform company; Read the differences here
  • Most model agencies advertising online are not REAL agencies. They are in fact scams. However, model platform companies are not necessarily scams to be fair to them, as long as they follow certain rules and inform you about them beforehand.
  • Most model interviews are shams. When being invited for a model related interview of some kind (i.e. test shoot, model assessment, call it what you like), this is simply a guise to pretend that you are really being assessed for your model potential. The real reason is to make it easier to extract money from you at the end of it.
  • Proper agencies very rarely advertise for models and in the rare cases they do, it is on reputable platforms. They don’t advertise because they don’t have to, as word about their good name quickly spreads anyway.
  • 7/10 girls aged between 12 and 25 dream of being models. For men, the percentage is lower at nearer 4/10.
  • Most models not freelance (but waiting on a bogus agency or model platform to get them work) will never get work. Why? Bogus agencies are simply that – BOGUS, despite any promises they may have given you. As for Model Platforms, their website says [or should say by law] that they are not an employment or model agency of any kind. So by this alone, they are not responsible for getting you work and ought to tell you as much. If they tell you they can get you work, RED FLAGS need to start appearing in your head.
  • In most cases, you do NOT need your own website when starting out as a model. An utter waste of money, if you ask us.
  • The very stark truth is that models get scammed because they are maybe too lazy to do their research, do not know the industry very well, let their over eagerness cloud their judgment and basic logic, place convenience over time and so on.

It’s Payback Time…

Give modelling scammers the one finger salute. By donating just £1 a month (for 12 months) towards our campaign, we’ll reward your kindness and generosity by giving you all the ammo you need to shoot the modelling scammers the finger.

Here’s the bottom line and inconvenient truth. Model hopefuls get scammed because they’re either too shy [to ask the right questions], daft or uninformed. In short, you get scammed because you let yourself be scammed and/or financially exploited.
After I’m done with you, it need never happen again and that’s a guarantee!

By Rob Anderson (Founder of The Models Advice Bureau and  YUMM)

So you want to be a model but you’re either sick and tired of being scammed or terrified of falling victim to one. Which way do you turn? Who can you trust? Well, the first thing is to find you an agency that will help you find work, as that’s all that really counts right? After all, I’ve never heard of a model that simply wants to sit on a website looking good but doing sod all in terms of work, have you? There are many good agencies out there but you need to know the difference between an agency and platform company and if you want to be a signed model, platform companies are an utter waste of time but they won’t tell you all this. Hell no, because if they did, you wouldn’t waste your time going to them and waste your money in the process. So listen up. If they don’t offer you a contract and don’t have models listed on their website [and I don’t just mean pictures of models but proper model profiles. In case, you don’t know what a profile is, here’s an example for the fabulous Alek Wek: Storm Management], they are NOT [you hear, NOT] a model agency. This also means that they cannot and will not get you work, regardless of what they tell you on the phone or on the day of the supposed test shoot. Another clue is in the name as proper agencies always have ‘model management’ in their official name not their domain one. So even though Storm has just management in its domain name, they are officially called Storm Model Management.

By the way, if just getting work, as a model is your main goal without all the bells and whistles, and you are finding it difficult to find a proper agency you trust emphatically, you could try using our own sub-agency YUMM to market yourself and get work.

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Donate just £1 a month (for 12 months) to our ‘clean up the modelling industry’ campaign and, as a thank you, we’ll not only save you hundreds if not thousands of Pounds but we’ll do our best to make you into a model

…but what’s in it for you, you may ask?

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll receive when you subscribe and support our cause:

  • Privileged Access To Our Confidential and Classified Vault of industry tips and secrets to becoming a model the RIGHT and Scam-Free way!
  • A simple to follow scam proof checklist to use to GUARANTEE you will never be scammed or ripped off by an agency, platform or any other model related company
  • Receive ways to maximise your chances of getting your money back if you feel you’ve been scammed, or they’re refusing to return your deposit. And guess what, it doesn’t involve taking them to Court, as that does not scare them one bit. However, we will tell you what REALLY DOES TERRIFY them!
  • Paid a deposit for your pictures by card? Did you know that you can automatically get your money back in certain cases?
  • How to minimise your spend on [basic professional] photos from the big studios that advertise for models.
  • Get priceless information about the things you do and don’t need to succeed.
  • You will never get scammed or chronically ripped off as a model again, as long as you follow our strict guidance.
  • Priority response within 24 hours to ANY modelling related questions you may have, including answers by phone if we think it’ll be better for you.
  • Help to become a real model and maximise your chances of getting paid work.
  • A promise to do our best to help you solve any modelling problems based on our vast knowledge of and contacts in the industry. We will also offer basic legal advice.
  • None of the typical things that have sadly happened to others, will ever happen to you!
  • Lots more priceless industry secrets….as you’ll soon find out.
  • Ask us any follow-up questions you need get quick answers to anytime you like if you like
  • Regular updates you need to have to stay ahead of the pack of scammers

You will also learn some amusing things that you never thought and will probably answer some burning questions that have been lingering for some time in your mind.

  • What types of applicants model companies love and the ones they hate? Ever wondered why you were called in a hurry [having applied] or not called at all, as the case may be?
  • What types of things you may have put in your application that may put them off contacting you – and what made them in a hurry to do so.
  • What type of applicants are easier scammed than others – by region, race, gender, age, etc.
  • What you may say during your phone interview that’ll turn them on, and off you.
  • …and lots more!

Why sign up and subscribe to our Make Model Scams History campaign?

There are many reasons why we strongly ask that you subscribe to this blog. These include helping generic things such as helping us wipe out the scammers, get your own back on the way you were treated and of course, you will hopefully feel better inside. But more specifically, you should subscribe based on what this blog can do for you, your confidence, self-worth but most importantly, your finances. By finances, we mean, save you lots of money!

Knowledge certainly is power when it comes to the modelling industry. The more you know, the less likely it is you’ll be exploited by the crooks who unfortunately are attracted to the business. Of course, there are plenty of honest people in modelling. But if you happen to get scammed, it’s not just you who’ll suffer. Loved ones who’ve helped finance your modelling dream will pay the price too. In our experience, the key reasons why people get scammed and/or financially exploited is because modelling companies and studios ruthlessly exploit people’s ignorance and naivety to the max. They tell people that to succeed, they must have things like web folios, Z cards and unnecessary training, and they charge people silly money for them, as well as for average pictures.

But just before I tell you, here but some of the things we at Models Advice Bureau regularly hear and see if you are familiar with any of them.

  • They told me they could get me work and lots of it would come my [or my child’s] way after I have paid for their portfolio;
  • I didn’t know they were not an agency. Oh, I thought they were!
  • What’s the difference between a model platform, modelling agency and other type of modelling company and what are the ones to avoid then?
  • I want to be a model (or my child does] but I’m very wary of the scams out there and don’t want to waste my time or money. What do I do?
  • I don’t know the difference between average portfolio pictures and proper high quality ones that will actually get me somewhere in the industry
  • I paid a few thousand quid for the package they offered me, as they told me that’s what I’d need!
  • I’ve agreed a package that I’m paying for monthly and I don’t know how to get out of it, as I’ve since leant they are a scam!
  • …but they assured me these images would be good enough to apply to most agencies on the list they gave me!
  • Since I paid, not only have I not heard anything since, but when I call, they are either rude and dismissive or nobody picks up!
  • Changed my mind but they’re refusing to give me my deposit back!
  • How was I supposed to know that these pictures are worth only a few hundred quid rather than the whopping price they charged me?
  • I didn’t know how to get hold of other photographers and besides, they told me I could only use these pictures to be a model [or be on their books].
  • I want a refund or the price reduced and they don’t want to know anymore but they were so nice when I was [we were] there!
  • They told me my daughter was fabulous and has all the credentials of a child model and so, would do wonders in the industry
  • I had to pay on the day otherwise they would delete the images they said so what could I do?
  • I only found out I had to pay for the images when I arrived. No indication before I got there and I bloody travelled a few hundred miles and spent invaluable time to get there!

So if you need a Guardian Angel looking over you in your quest to be a model and do not mind strict guidance, come on board. In fact, as long as you do as we advise [and do not stray off the course we set you], you needn’t worry ever again about being scammed or financially exploited in either your quest to be a model or someone you care deeply about wanting to be one! In fact, we guarantee it!

Our Give ‘Em The Finger’ movement, becoming an official supporter and playing your part!

But what about our movement and why we need your help and assistance? Regardless of what you personally think about Donald Trump, he recently won the US elections albeit to the amazement of many in and outside America. His voters voted him in because they wanted change. What they didn’t do was not vote, rest on their laurels and continually moan about the establishment. No, they voted with their feet and got what they wanted. They took action in numbers and in doing so, got their desired goal of voting in their preferred candidate. Likewise, with all the model scams and financial exploitation going on, the only way to screw the rogue modelling companies out there, is not by moaning about it having handed over your hard earned money, but by rallying together, getting educated and ensuring all your friends and their friends do so as well. This is why we created this movement.

Rogue model companies only thrive when innocent albeit gullible and naïve model hopefuls that know not a jot about how to become a model walk through their doors. This is what they [the model operators] thrive on and don’t think for one bloody minute that they give a damn about clients’ moaning, having paid out for a pricey model portfolio. They have your money and now you can bloody well f*ck off. We have heard countless stories of models that, having found out they have been scammed or ripped off, have contacted the model operator or studio back and typical responses have been one of ‘Sorry, no refunds’, ‘Piss off’, phones put down and this is even if you are lucky enough in getting to speak to someone. Yes, before and during your ‘test shoot’, you can bet they’ll be the most polite people on Earth but once you’ve handed over your money and walked through that door, you can bet you won’t encounter the same courtesy and respect should you dare to contact them again. They’ve got what they want know and from being a prized asset before, you’re now nothing more than a nuisance and liability to be discarded and cruelly tossed to the side.

However, we can stop all this but it needs as many people as possible to do so hence our movement. If you leave food about the house on floors, chances are, you’ll attract rodents right? Take away the food, they starve and soon die off. We need to starve the scam model companies of the food, being you, their intended clients. And how are we going to do this? By use of knowledge and rallying together because both together equals power. All donations and subscriptions given to us are pumped straight back into our movement to help increase awareness.

As they say in life, knowledge is most certainly power! The more knowledge you have on anything, the less dishonest and crooked people can exploit you and this principle most certainly applies to aspiring models within the industry. But not just the models. I am also alluding to the people that have to pay the price in helping their loved ones become models. These are most notably going to the bank of mum and dad, partners and working siblings. In our experience, the key reasons why people get scammed and/or financially exploited are because having been charged silly money for average pictures and other things [e.g. web folios, Z cards, unnecessary training, etc.] they most likely did not need but told they did in order to succeed as a model. In not knowing any different, they proceeded to take the modelling company’s or studio’s word for it. Put another albeit more brutal way. The price of their eagerness, naivety and innocence in wanting to be a model is to be ruthlessly scammed and/or financially exploited to the max. Notice that I have used and/or when discussing scams and financial exploitation. This is because, within the rogue aspect of the modelling arena, the two do not always mean the same thing.

Being scammed as a model is simply where the model company in question has basically and blatantly misled you in attempt to get money out of you. So examples of typical scams are bogus model companies that NEVER had any intention of getting you work but promised they would, when you have paid for a portfolio. Yes, they may subsequently send you emails telling you of forthcoming jobs but these are simply red herrings to keep you well behaved. Model platform companies are not agencies. And so, as long as they make clear [before you hand over a penny] that the chances of a legit model agency signing you up are almost zero, that they have no influence whatsoever in getting you work with your shiny new model portfolio, and that the only thing their pictures are largely good for is if you want to go freelance [i.e. source your own work rather than rely on an agency], than they have not scammed you. Rather, what they have done is financially exploit you which is very different to being scammed. Also note that just because a model company has ‘model management’ in its name [like Imodel Management], does not necessarily mean it is an agency. Instead, this could simply be there to lure the unsuspecting wannabe model in. In all, only model agencies give contracts and so, if they are not giving you a proper model contract at the end of your model exam, they are NOT an agency.

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